Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Discovering Human Design - The Sacral Response

Discovering the Sacral Response in the Human Design System has been an amazing gift for me and my Generator son.   Supporting him in making decisions has at times been a painful process for both of us.   Since I've been helping him use his Sacral response, life has definitely gotten much easier in that area.

The yes/no response for Generators comes from a non-verbal place.  The Sacral responds to a primitive and specific way of saying yes or no.   The sounds are "Uh-huh" for yes and "Un-un" for no.

Here's a quick example of how this has worked with my son:

Every year for his birthday, I make him a special cake.  He gets to pick out all the flavors.  In the past, it has been a long and arduous process of deciding which flavor of cake, what kind of frosting and how to decorate it.   He has an open Head Center and an open Ajna Center (the two triangles at the very top of the chart.)   This mean that he can be very inspired by lots of choices.   Get him in a store with a huge variety of cake flavors to pick from and he wants them all!  Trying to make a decision from his Head, he goes into overwhelmed and anxiety about making "the right choice."   But if he makes a decision from his Sacral Center, it overrides his Head and Ajna Centers and he doesn't have any doubts at all about his decisions.  The difference in energy is palpable.

This weekend we made our annual trek to the store.  As we talked about all the choices, I could tell he was beginning to get anxious about having to make a decision.   So I said, "Let's get your Sacral response and reminded him to just answer "Uh-huh" or "Un-Un" to my questions.  As I pointed to the different flavors, the conversation went like this: 

Do you want vanilla cake for your birthday?  Un-un

Do you want chocolate cake?  Uh-huh

Is chocolate your final choice?  Un-un

Do you want strawberry cake?  Uh-huh

Between the chocolate and the strawberry, do you want chocolate the most? Un-un

Between the chocolate and strawberry, do you want strawberry the most?  Uh-huh

Is strawberry your final choice?  Uh-huh!

Are you really happy with your choice of strawberry?  Uh-huh!

We then went on to the perfect frosting and decorations in the same manner.   We were in and out of the store in 15 minutes.  At his birthday party, my son exclaimed that it was his best cake ever!   He was beaming and content and confident about it all. 

This may seem like a little thing, but using his Sacral for this birthday party made it the most relaxed and enjoyable one from over the past 11 years.   If you had been around me this time last year, you would definitely recall a higher level of anxiety from me.

The more you use your Sacral, the easier it responds.  It gets the message that you are finally listening and trusting that very powerful and wise center.   

If you haven't read the article about Sacral Response from Karen Curry yet, that's a good place to start:  http://www.humandesignforeveryone.com/articles/article/2833531/58526.htm

I'm so grateful to be giving my son this very empowering tool to use throughout his life.

Much Love,


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  1. Yeah Sunday - so glad to see you sharing your wisdom online for all of us to benefit. I am loving the journey we are on together. Love your intro/bio on the left - very cool!

  2. Sunday, thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I am intrigued by your enthusiasm about HDS and look forward to learning more from you on this subject. : )